Tent hangars


Tent hangars

Hangars for industry, agriculture, livestock farming, construction, entertainment.

Material: construction – hot-dip galvanized or painted steel, or aluminum profile roof of PVC awning vinyl fabric.

Snow load: 2.28kpa
Wind: 22 m/s 80 km/h
Longevity: more than 15 years.
Application: industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, construction, entertainment, garage for storage of vehicles, aircraft hangar, animal accommodation, event tent.
Characteristics: High strength, easy to assemble and dismantle, excellent stability. Can be shortened or extended. To produce double-walled hangar.
Advantages: Lower price compared with steel hangar or prefabricated houses and suitable for all weather conditions throughout the year, water repellent, can be made of flame-retardant material.

1. Keystone lightweight hangar 4m – 12m in width, steel or aluminum construction.

2. Walk-through light construction hangar 8m – 16m width of the metal structure.

3. Keystone reinforced construction hangar 12m – 25m, aluminum construction.

4. Walk-through enhanced design round hangar 12m – 20m, metal structure.

5 Individual custom hangar. Hangar to containers, inflatable hangar, dome hangar hangars and other figures.