Plotter cutting


Price starting from EUR/m²

The price vithout VAT 21%


Plotter cutting

Plotter cutting the adhesive film is one of the cheapest and most convenient way to manufacture visual advertising products. Plotter vector lines and contours will cut adhesive film. Used to make billboards, shop windows, as well as cutting along the contour of digital printing materials, as well as stencils for painting or sandblasting.

Work file – in the vectors (curves) PDF file, it is desirable
(file conversion vectors (curves), is not included in the price)
Cutting plotter + film + portable cleaning paper -7 EUR / m²

Cutting use different gloss and matte film:

white, black, 70 mic., 5 years -2,20 EUR / m²
krāaina, 70 mic., 5 years -3,00 EUR / m²
white, black, 64 mic., 7 years -7,80 EUR / m²
color, 64 mic., 7 years -8,20 EUR / m²
as well as thermal cutting, translucent and reflective films and other film spetsialnye

We will advise the best choice of film and technology, taking into account all conditions.