Inflatable play equipment certification


Inflatable play equipment certification

Certification in accordance with European standard EN 14960 – Inflatable play equipment – Safety requirements and test methods

Play is the means by which children discover and understand the world in which they live and is an essential element in a child’s physical and mental growth.
It is important for children’s rounded development that, through the medium of play, they arrive at an understanding of danger which provides the basis for assessing safety in a variety of situations. The balance between challenge and safety is an important consideration.

We provide children’s inflatable play equipment check compliance with the European standard

This Standard specifies safety requirements for inflatable play equipment. It sets out appropriate measures to address the risks and minimise accidents to users for those involved in the design, manufacture and supply of inflatable play equipment. It specifies information to be supplied with the equipment. The requirements have been laid down bearing in mind the risk factor based on available data. This standard is applicable to inflatable play equipment for intended and foreseeable use by children, individually and collectively. This standard specifies the requirements that will protect the child from hazards that he or she may be unable to foresee when using the equipment as intended, or in a manner that can be reasonably anticipated.

We provide children’s inflatable play equipment rebuilding of the European standard – PTAC atklāj drošības nepilnības piepūšamajās atrakcijās – Владельцы надувных аттракционов не думают о безопасности детей – European Child Safety Alliance