Transport bags


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Transport bags

We produce durable transport bags according to customer’s size and other requirements. You can choose the color and place a logo.

Bag with rings 40cm x 40cm X80 -36 EUR

Bag for tripod 24cm x 18cm x -130cm -62 EUR

Bag 40cm x 40cm x 80cm -88 EUR

Bag 100cm x 100cm x 200cm -180 EUR

Dry Bag – air-tight, water-resistant bag.

Dry bags are often used in rowing, canoeing, rafting and other outdoor activities with a high degree of risk to get wet. You are using durable 680 g / m² PVC awning fabric, which is designed to create a waterproof bag.

35 Liters -20Eur,

50 Liters -23Eur,

140 Liters -34Eur

The price without VAT 21%